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  1. How are players tracked? Or, why is my name listed more than once?
  2. How is the "points" rating calculated?
  3. What are all the weapon points modifiers?
  4. How can I set my real name, e-mail address, and homepage?
  5. My rank is embarrassing. How can I opt out?

1. How are players tracked? Or, why is my name listed more than once?

Players are tracked by Unique ID. Your Unique ID is the last two sections of your Steam ID (X:XXXX).

A player may have more than one name. On the Player Rankings pages, players are shown with the most recent name they used in the game. If you click on a player's name, the Player Details page will show you a list of all other names that this player uses, if any, under the Aliases section (if the player has not used any other names, the Aliases section will not be displayed).

Your name may be listed more than once if somebody else (with a different Unique ID) uses the same name.

You can use the Search function to find a player by name or Unique ID.

2. How is the "points" rating calculated?

A new player has 1000 points. Every time you make a kill, you gain a certain amount of points depending on a) the victim's points rating, and b) the weapon you used. If you kill someone with a higher points rating than you, then you gain more points than if you kill someone with a lower points rating than you. Therefore, killing newbies will not get you as far as killing the #1 player. And if you kill someone with your knife, you gain more points than if you kill them with a rifle, for example.

When you are killed, you lose a certain amount of points, which again depends on the points rating of your killer and the weapon they used (you don't lose as many points for being killed by the #1 player with a rifle than you do for being killed by a low ranked player with a knife). This makes moving up the rankings easier, but makes staying in the top spots harder.

Specifically, the equations are:

 Killer Points = Killer Points + (Victim Points / Killer Points)
				 × Weapon Modifier × 5

 Victim Points = Victim Points - (Victim Points / Killer Points)
				 × Weapon Modifier × 5

Plus, the following point bonuses are available for completing objectives in some games:

Game Player Action PlyrPlyr Action Team Action World Action Action sort-descending.gif Player Reward Team Reward

Note: The player who triggers an action may receive both the player reward and the team reward.

3. What are all the weapon points modifiers?

Weapon points modifiers are used to determine how many points you should gain or lose when you make a kill or are killed by another player. Higher modifiers indicate that more points will be gained when killing with that weapon (and similarly, more points will be lost when being killed by that weapon). Modifiers generally range from 0.00 to 2.00.

Game Weapon Name Points Modifier sort-descending.gif
Counter-Strike: Source PROP_PHYSICS Rare Physics kill 10.00
Counter-Strike: Source smokegrenade_projectile Smoke Grenade 5.00
Counter-Strike: Source flashbang Flashbang 5.00
Counter-Strike: Source knife Bundeswehr Advanced Combat Knife 2.00
Counter-Strike: Source hegrenade High Explosive Grenade 1.80
Counter-Strike: Source tmp Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol 1.50
Counter-Strike: Source p228 Sig Sauer P-228 1.50
Counter-Strike: Source mac10 Ingram MAC-10 1.50
Counter-Strike: Source fiveseven FN Five-Seven 1.50
Counter-Strike: Source usp H&K USP .45 Tactical 1.40
Counter-Strike: Source glock Glock 18 Select Fire 1.40
Counter-Strike: Source elite Dual Beretta 96G Elite 1.40
Counter-Strike: Source ump45 H&K UMP45 1.20
Counter-Strike: Source p90 FN P90 1.20
Counter-Strike: Source mp5navy H&K MP5-Navy 1.20
Counter-Strike: Source m3 Benelli M3 Super 90 Combat 1.20
Counter-Strike: Source m249 M249 PARA Light Machine Gun 1.20
Counter-Strike: Source deagle Desert Eagle .50AE 1.20
Counter-Strike: Source xm1014 Benelli/H&K M4 Super 90 XM1014 1.10
Counter-Strike: Source scout Steyr Scout 1.10
Counter-Strike: Source galil Galil 1.10
Counter-Strike: Source sg552 Sig Sauer SG-552 Commando 1.00
Counter-Strike: Source m4a1 Colt M4A1 Carbine 1.00
Counter-Strike: Source famas Fusil Automatique 1.00
Counter-Strike: Source awp Arctic Warfare Magnum (Police) 1.00
Counter-Strike: Source aug Steyr Aug 1.00
Counter-Strike: Source ak47 Kalashnikov AK-47 1.00
Counter-Strike: Source sg550 Sig SG-550 Sniper 0.80
Counter-Strike: Source g3sg1 H&K G3/SG1 Sniper Rifle 0.80
Counter-Strike knife Bundeswehr Advanced Combat Knife 1.80
Counter-Strike grenade High Explosive Grenade 1.80
Counter-Strike sg550 Sig SG-550 Sniper 1.70
Counter-Strike scout Steyr Scout 1.60
Counter-Strike usp H&K USP .45 Tactical 1.50
Counter-Strike p228 Sig Sauer P-228 1.50
Counter-Strike glock18 Glock 18 Select Fire 1.50
Counter-Strike fiveseven FN Five-Seven 1.50
Counter-Strike elite Dual Beretta 96G Elite 1.50
Counter-Strike deagle Desert Eagle .50AE 1.50
Counter-Strike xm1014 Benelli/H&K M4 Super 90 XM1014 1.40
Counter-Strike m3 Benelli M3 Super 90 Combat 1.40
Counter-Strike g3sg1 H&K G3/SG1 Sniper Rifle 1.40
Counter-Strike awp Arctic Warfare Magnum (Police) 1.40
Counter-Strike ump45 H&K UMP45 1.25
Counter-Strike tmp Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol 1.25
Counter-Strike p90 FN P90 1.25
Counter-Strike mp5navy H&K MP5-Navy 1.25
Counter-Strike mac10 Ingram MAC-10 1.25
Counter-Strike sg552 Sig Sauer SG-552 Commando 1.00
Counter-Strike m4a1 Colt M4A1 Carbine 1.00
Counter-Strike galil Galil 1.00
Counter-Strike famas Fusil Automatique 1.00
Counter-Strike aug Steyr Aug 1.00
Counter-Strike ak47 Kalashnikov AK-47 1.00
Counter-Strike m249 M249 PARA Light Machine Gun 0.80
Team Fortress 2 deflect_flare Deflected Flare 20.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_projectile_energy_ball Deflected Cow Mangler Shot 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_soldier_lumbricus Kamikaze (Lumbricus Lid) 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_soldier Kamikaze 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_pyro Hadouken 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_medic Spinal Tap 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_heavy Showdown 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_demoman Decapitation 5.00
Team Fortress 2 robot_arm_blender_kill Organ Grinder 5.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_spy Fencing 3.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_sniper Skewer 3.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_scout Home Run 3.00
Team Fortress 2 ball Baseball 2.50
Team Fortress 2 wrench_jag The Jag 2.00
Team Fortress 2 wrench_golden Golden Wrench 2.00
Team Fortress 2 wrench Wrench 2.00
Team Fortress 2 wrap_assassin Wrap Assassin 2.00
Team Fortress 2 widowmaker The Widowmaker 2.00
Team Fortress 2 warrior_spirit The Warrior's Spirit 2.00
Team Fortress 2 warfan Fan O'War 2.00
Team Fortress 2 unique_pickaxe Equalizer 2.00
Team Fortress 2 unarmed_combat Unarmed Combat 2.00
Team Fortress 2 ullapool_caber The Ullapool Caber 2.00
Team Fortress 2 ubersaw Ubersaw 2.00
Team Fortress 2 tribalkukri Tribalman's Shiv 2.00
Team Fortress 2 thirddegree Third Degree 2.00
Team Fortress 2 the_maul Maul 2.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_pumpkin_bomb Pumpkin Bomb 2.00
Team Fortress 2 telefrag Telefrag 2.00
Team Fortress 2 taunt_guitar_kill Dischord 2.00
Team Fortress 2 sword Eyelander 2.00
Team Fortress 2 steel_fists The Fists of Steel 2.00
Team Fortress 2 spy_cicle Spy-cicle 2.00
Team Fortress 2 splendid_screen Splendid Screen 2.00
Team Fortress 2 southern_hospitality Southern Hospitality 2.00
Team Fortress 2 solemn_vow Solemn Vow 2.00
Team Fortress 2 sledgehammer The Homewrecker 2.00
Team Fortress 2 shovel Shovel 2.00
Team Fortress 2 short_circuit The Short Circuit 2.00
Team Fortress 2 shahanshah Shahanshah 2.00
Team Fortress 2 scout_sword Three-Rune Blade 2.00
Team Fortress 2 scotland_shard Scottish Handshake 2.00
Team Fortress 2 scorchshot The Scorch Shot 2.00
Team Fortress 2 saxxy Saxxy 2.00
Team Fortress 2 robot_arm_combo_kill Gunslinger Combo 2.00
Team Fortress 2 robot_arm Gunslinger 2.00
Team Fortress 2 righteous_bison Righteous Bison 2.00
Team Fortress 2 reserve_shooter Reserve Shooter 2.00
Team Fortress 2 quake_rl Original 2.00
Team Fortress 2 proto_syringe Overdose 2.00
Team Fortress 2 powerjack The Powerjack 2.00
Team Fortress 2 pomson Pomson 6000 2.00
Team Fortress 2 phlogistinator Phlogistinator 2.00
Team Fortress 2 persian_persuader Persian Persuader 2.00
Team Fortress 2 paintrain The Pain Train 2.00
Team Fortress 2 nonnonviolent_protest Conscientious Objector 2.00
Team Fortress 2 nessieclub Nessie's Nine Iron 2.00
Team Fortress 2 market_gardener Market Gardener 2.00
Team Fortress 2 mantreads Mantreads 2.00
Team Fortress 2 manmelter Manmelter 2.00
Team Fortress 2 mailbox Postal Pummeler 2.00
Team Fortress 2 machina Machina 2.00
Team Fortress 2 lollichop The Lollichop 2.00
Team Fortress 2 lava_bat Sun-on-a-Stick 2.00
Team Fortress 2 lava_axe Sharpened Volcano Fragment 2.00
Team Fortress 2 kunai Conniver's Kunai 2.00
Team Fortress 2 knife Knife 2.00
Team Fortress 2 holy_mackerel The Holy Mackerel 2.00
Team Fortress 2 holiday_punch Holiday Punch 2.00
Team Fortress 2 headtaker Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker 2.00
Team Fortress 2 gloves_running_urgently Gloves of Running Urgently 2.00
Team Fortress 2 gloves K.G.B. 2.00
Team Fortress 2 fryingpan Frying Pan 2.00
Team Fortress 2 flaregun Flaregun 2.00
Team Fortress 2 fists Fists 2.00
Team Fortress 2 fireaxe Fire Axe 2.00
Team Fortress 2 eviction_notice Eviction Notice 2.00
Team Fortress 2 eureka_effect Eureka Effect 2.00
Team Fortress 2 eternal_reward Your Eternal Reward 2.00
Team Fortress 2 enforcer Enforcer 2.00
Team Fortress 2 disciplinary_action Disciplinary Action 2.00
Team Fortress 2 diamondback The Diamondback 2.00
Team Fortress 2 detonator Detonator 2.00
Team Fortress 2 demoshield Chargin' Targe 2.00
Team Fortress 2 demokatana Half-Zatoichi 2.00
Team Fortress 2 deflect_sticky Deflected Sticky 2.00
Team Fortress 2 deflect_rocket Deflected Rocket 2.00
Team Fortress 2 deflect_promode Deflected Grenade 2.00
Team Fortress 2 deflect_huntsman_flyingburn Deflect Huntsman Burning Arrow 2.00
Team Fortress 2 deflect_flare_detonator Deflected Flare (Detonator) 2.00
Team Fortress 2 deflect_arrow Deflected Arrow 2.00
Team Fortress 2 club Kukri 2.00
Team Fortress 2 claidheamohmor The Claidheamohmor 2.00
Team Fortress 2 candy_cane The Candy Cane 2.00
Team Fortress 2 bushwacka The Bushwacka 2.00
Team Fortress 2 bottle Bottle 2.00
Team Fortress 2 boston_basher The Boston Basher 2.00
Team Fortress 2 bonesaw Bone Saw 2.00
Team Fortress 2 big_earner Big Earner 2.00
Team Fortress 2 battleneedle The Vita-Saw 2.00
Team Fortress 2 battleaxe Scotsman's Skullcutter 2.00
Team Fortress 2 bat Bat 2.00
Team Fortress 2 back_scratcher The Back Scratcher 2.00
Team Fortress 2 axtinguisher Axtinguisher 2.00
Team Fortress 2 atomizer Atomizer 2.00
Team Fortress 2 bleed_kill Bleed Kill 1.80
Team Fortress 2 sandman The Sandman 1.75
Team Fortress 2 pistol_scout Scout Pistol 1.50
Team Fortress 2 pep_pistol Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol 1.50
Team Fortress 2 maxgun Lugermorph 1.50
Team Fortress 2 blutsauger Blutsauger 1.50
Team Fortress 2 soda_popper Soda Popper 1.25
Team Fortress 2 scattergun Scatter Gun 1.25
Team Fortress 2 ullapool_caber_explosion The Ullapool Caber BOOM 1.20
Team Fortress 2 wrangler_kill Wrangler 1.00
Team Fortress 2 world World 1.00
Team Fortress 2 unique_pickaxe_escape The Escape Plan 1.00
Team Fortress 2 tomislav Tomislav 1.00
Team Fortress 2 the_winger Winger 1.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_projectile_rocket Rocket Launcher 1.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_projectile_pipe_remote Stickybomb Launcher 1.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_projectile_pipe Grenade Launcher 1.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_projectile_arrow_fire Huntsman (Fire arrow) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 tf_projectile_arrow Huntsman 1.00
Team Fortress 2 syringegun_medic Syringe Gun 1.00
Team Fortress 2 sydney_sleeper The Sydney Sleeper 1.00
Team Fortress 2 sticky_resistance Scottish Resistance 1.00
Team Fortress 2 sniperrifle Sniper Rifle 1.00
Team Fortress 2 smg Submachine Gun 1.00
Team Fortress 2 shotgun_soldier Soldier Shotgun 1.00
Team Fortress 2 shotgun_pyro Pyro Shotgun 1.00
Team Fortress 2 shotgun_primary Engy Shotgun 1.00
Team Fortress 2 shotgun_hwg Heavy Shotgun 1.00
Team Fortress 2 short_stop The Shortstop 1.00
Team Fortress 2 samrevolver Big Kill 1.00
Team Fortress 2 rocketlauncher_directhit Direct Hit 1.00
Team Fortress 2 revolver Revolver 1.00
Team Fortress 2 rainblower The Rainblower 1.00
Team Fortress 2 pro_smg The Cleaner's Carbine 1.00
Team Fortress 2 pro_rifle The Hitman's Heatmaker 1.00
Team Fortress 2 pistol Engy Pistol 1.00
Team Fortress 2 pep_brawlerblaster Baby Face's Blaster 1.00
Team Fortress 2 obj_sentrygun3 Sentry Gun (Level 3) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 obj_sentrygun2 Sentry Gun (Level 2) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 obj_sentrygun Sentry Gun (Level 1) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 obj_minisentry Sentry Gun (Mini) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 natascha Minigun (Natascha) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 minigun Minigun (Sasha) 1.00
Team Fortress 2 loch_n_load The Loch-n-Load 1.00
Team Fortress 2 liberty_launcher Liberty Launcher 1.00
Team Fortress 2 letranger L'Etranger 1.00
Team Fortress 2 iron_curtain The Iron Curtain 1.00
Team Fortress 2 frontier_justice Frontier Justice 1.00
Team Fortress 2 force_a_nature Force-A-Nature 1.00
Team Fortress 2 flamethrower Flamethrower 1.00
Team Fortress 2 family_business Family Business 1.00
Team Fortress 2 dumpster_device Beggar's Bazooka 1.00
Team Fortress 2 degreaser The Degreaser 1.00
Team Fortress 2 crusaders_crossbow The Crusader's Crossbow 1.00
Team Fortress 2 cow_mangler Cow Mangler 5000 1.00
Team Fortress 2 brass_beast The Brass Beast 1.00
Team Fortress 2 blackbox The Black Box 1.00
Team Fortress 2 bazaar_bargain Bazaar Bargain 1.00
Team Fortress 2 backburner Backburner 1.00
Team Fortress 2 amputator The Amputator 1.00
Team Fortress 2 ambassador Ambassador 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source world World 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source tireiron Tire Iron 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source spanner Wrench 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source sledgehammer Sledgehammer 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source shovel Shovel 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source pot Pot 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source plank Wooden Plank 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source physics Physics 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source machete Machete 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source keyboard Keyboard 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source hammer Hammer 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source golf Golf Club 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source fryingpan Frying Pan 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source crowbar Crowbar 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source chair Chair 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source bat_wood Bat (Wood) 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source bat_aluminum Bat (Aluminum) 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source axe Axe 1.50
Zombie Panic! Source winchester Winchester Double Barreled Shotgun 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source usp Heckler & Kock USP 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source torque Torque 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source supershorty Mossberg Super Shorty 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source slam IED 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source revolver Revolver 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source ppk Walther PPK 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source pipe Pipe 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source mp5 MP5 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source m4 M4 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source grenade_frag Grenade 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source glock18c Glock 18c 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source glock Glock 17 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source carrierarms Carrier 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source arms Zombie 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source ak47 AK-47 1.00
Zombie Panic! Source 870 Remington 870 1.00

4. How can I set my real name, e-mail address, and homepage?

Player profile options can be configured by saying the appropriate HLX_SET command while you are playing on a participating game server. To say commands, push your chat key and type the command text.

Syntax: say /hlx_set option value.

Acceptable "options" are:
  • realname
    Sets your Real Name as shown in your profile.
    Example:   /hlx_set realname Joe Bloggs

  • email
    Sets your E-mail Address as shown in your profile.
    Example:   /hlx_set email joe@joebloggs.com

  • homepage
    Sets your Home Page as shown in your profile.
    Example:   /hlx_set homepage http://www.joebloggs.com/

Note: These are not standard Half-Life console commands. If you type them in the console, Half-Life will give you an error.

For a full list of supported ingame commands, type the word help into ingame chat.

5. My rank is embarrassing. How can I opt out?

Say /hlx_hideranking while playing on a participating game server. This will toggle you between being visible on the Player Rankings and being invisible.

Note: You will still be tracked and you can still view your Player Details page. Use the Search page to find yourself.

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